Embrace the modern side of Tilburg.

Embrace the modern side of Tilburg’s Textile history.

My name is Annie, I have been living in Tilburg for three years now. As an international student, I was spending hours on studying and my leisure time was limited for attending artistic events. Nevertheless, I might not have had the right incentive to visit them. As a graduate student now, I finally got the time and the right motive to visit my first artistic exposition named “Give me a hug” in Tilburg.

“Give me a hug” exposition not only raised my awareness of the Tilburg’s textile history but also aroused emotions and made me realize the essentiality of modern art in my life. The uniqueness of this exhibition stems from the diversity of creative angles, such as illustration, design, tattoo- art, visual- art, graffiti- art, cartoon- art architecture, poetry, styling, and Dj. The artistic multidimensionality of the exposition was so intense that nobody would be untouched. That is how I felt entering the exhibition.

What really impressed me was the variety of life aspects that every single hug represents. These aspects span themes such as the mortality, the meaning of life, the love of and appreciation for art, and the awareness of ecology and
politics. Every hug on its own illustrates a different aspect but altogether make a ensemble. The big picture might differ from person to person, in terms of how a person perceives it. My ultimate feeling-picture of this exposition is the arousal of my sensitivity for the detail even the “useless” one and my interest in the rich history of this city regarding textile industry.

As Pablo Picasso said, “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”
“Give me a hug” made me see the truth regarding the modern artistic side of Tilburg, its textile past and inhabitants.

If you also want to realize this truth do not miss the chance to visit these kind of expositions, they always make our lives happier and more enriched.


Annie Kakaziannie

Publisher at Tilburg International
Philosophy & Psychology
Nationality:  Greek
Lives in Tilburg

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