Music trip back to 60’s & 70’s

As a musical person, I do not miss the chance to attend music concerts, events and festivals. I perceive the art of music as the greatest uplift of human’s spirit, as Schopenhauer philosopher said as well. Therefore, my music spirit led me to the “CLUB Playgrounds” event at Paradox one week ago. I had the pleasure to travel back to 70’s by listening to the music of Private Time Machine band. Private Time Machine is a local band among other great local bands, but the uniqueness of their sound resides in the groovy music, that they produce, driven by 70’s Rock, Blues, Funk and Jazz.  Private Time Machine was created by bassist / composer Eric Van Westen. What really, impressed me was the use of many type of brass instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and the improvisations that were deriving from them.

The way they were improvising was obviously a result of a pre-existing harmonic framework  and synchronization.  Their show was based on a mix of  jazz, blues, country and world music inspired by Deep Purple, Rainbow, Mingus, Coltrane, Urban Dance Squad and Henri Threadgill. Under their bouncing beat along with their cheerful performance attitude, the audience was “trapped” into a delirious music and dancing atmosphere! The surprise of the event was a DJ battle that followed right after the concert. Both DJ rotated the  nose every 20 minutes setting the Paradox’s dance floor on fire! The DJ battle traveled us mainly back to 60’s music, creating a “furious” dancing ambiance!

This article is dedicated to a new music friend that i had the pleasure to meet on that night and to introduce me to 60’s  modern and old Dutch music! Thank you for that!

For more information regarding the music band you can visit the following web page:

Private Time Machine (PTM)


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