The organization of retail

The organization of retail in Tilburg’s city center, sub-areas and neighborhoods.

Our city is growing and the local government Gemeente Tilburg wants to improve the shopping malls and areas. The aim is to build a suitable shopping center for each neighborhood so they can serve the people on the personal  requirements and needs.

City Center
Tilburg has its authentic city center, with a wide range of shopping opportunities. You find the mainstream fashion chains combined with local entrepreneurs.  There’s a broad offer and you can find something in each price range.

In Tilburg you get the perfect shopping experience that you expect from a day out.  It’s nice to explore and buy yourself a new unique fashion item. Also, you can go down-town if you are in need for some inspiration.

De Linten 
The city town is connected by a few streets called the ‘De Linten’. Streets like Korvelseweg, de Goirkesstraat, BredasewegBesterdring and Piusstraat are industrious streets that give access to the city center. Also, these streets are lively and you have a great opportunity to shop in the boutique shops.

Neighborhood shopping
You live in one of the neighborhoods of Tilburg and you do not always have the time or you are not always in mood to go into town. Tilburg has local shopping malls in each area for the daily shopping requirements. Most of these neighborhood shopping malls are currently under constructions, since they were a little “old-fashioned” for the contemporary needs of people.

It is a trend of clustering a localization of similar shops. This attracts certain kind of visitors to an area that can stimulate the all round shopping experience.

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