Relief after the exams

It’s Thursday afternoon. The chairs in the sports hall become empty and our students brains become full of joy, because we survived another exam period! Even after a year you keep wondering what surprises you might find during these days, about your incredible last-minute learning abilities, or amazing guessing skills to get that grade up.

At the end of the day we realized it was alright. It actually always is alright, because exams really aren’t that dramatic. It does make you wonder why you wanted to test you strength under extreme stress conditions the night before. I do always enjoy it in some kind of way, because I can conclude that another part of the year is over.

After a week of hard work, I mostly just go home and do nothing all day. Just to clear my head. This time, it was different. A few weeks before the exams, my friends and I decided to do something fun. I met with my friends after the exam and we had dinner together, celebrating that we attended and made the exam – I would love to say we passed it, but we didn’t know until the day of the exam of course. During dinner we talked about everything, like students do. We talked about our lives, about fun things, about serious things that kept our minds active at night, about families and friendships.

Because we are students, we chose a very fun and cozy place to eat; Vapiano. I’ve eaten there a couple of times now and the food stays amazing, with kind employees. After dinner, we went to a small party, which was located at the Boekanier. This café is mostly visited by psychology-students like myself. Although I love to make fun an go out with friends, this doesn’t happen very often.

It turned out to be an amazing decision. The music was good, we could feel the vibe of ‘no more exams for two months’, celebrating it with a lot of other happy students. When you are talking with them, you can feel, hear and see the relief.

What strikes me is that we students need something on our mind. If it aren’t exams, boring lectures, or other things, it is something we’ve planned. For example, going to a party – meeting with (new) friends, people you do recognize but really don’t know their name, people who buy drinks for everyone that you’ve actually never seen. We as people need something to fill our minds with, even if we think we don’t want to.

On my way back I cycled through the empty streets of Tilburg. Not really empty, there were some students who were definitely enjoying life. Without the music and people surrounding me, I realized it was so quiet on that moment. I stopped to take a picture of the beautiful decorations that were placed, and were shining on the streets and pavements.

I also concluded that I was – and still am – a very happy person. Being a student and experiencing the opportunities that I have is amazing.

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