Everything is one and One is everything (“Smeltkroezen”)



I had the pleasure to be invited in a cultural event named “Smeltkroezen” in December.  The “Smeltkroezen” event took place in four different performances that fall in the art fields of art, dance, and circus performance and theater installation at a literally hidden (treasure) place named Juttheater. The Juttheater is special from many perspectives!


Bouwjaar ’84

First, the Juttheater was built by used and received materials, it is a self-built theater Bouwjaar ’84. The Juttheater has a rocket stove and underfloor heating. Entering the Juttheater, I immediately saw the smart and unique constructions in terms of materials, practicality, simplicity, and imagination!! The naturalistic view and atmosphere of the Juttheater made me feel very comfortable and warm!


The symbolism of Smeltkroezen

Second, The Juttheater Bouwjaar ’84  is rented to external parties for absurd, surreal, and live theater, dance, music, and video performances as well as for rehearsals, yoga, dance and lectures. The ultimate concept of the cultural events that take place in Juttheater resides in the word of “Smeltkroezen”. As I got informed by the coordinators of the event the symbolism of “Smeltkroezen” word is in essence the ultimate part of the cultural event which  is actually an all-encompassing performance that combines (melts) all the focal elements of all the performances that took place on that evening at Juttheater. The way i perceive the Smeltkroezen concept/ idea, it is related to the theory of everything that fully links together all the physical aspects of the universe. Metaphorically speaking, “Smeltkroezen” could be a holistic idea which symbolizes that “Everything is one and One is everything”  and makes me contemplate on how myself as a unit constitutes at the same time a whole of physical and social elements and the exact opposite.

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The Smeltkroezen of 15th of December 

The spectacular  performances that took place on the evening of 15th of December derived from the art areas of art performance Bouwjaar ’84, dance LucyONES , circus Camille Paycha and theatrical installation Bram van Helden. These performances explored concepts such as, social framework, cosmos, genesis, and death (Bouwjaar ’84),  people’s  social behavior, and their subcutaneous feelings ( LucyONES), the value of memories (Camille Paycha) and the role of objects in our society that surround us (Bram van Helden).

For more information regarding the Juttheater  Bouwjaar ’84  you can visit the following pages:  http://www.bouwjaar84.nl/juttheater https://www.facebook.com/bouwjaar84/


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