Lucky draw for International Students

Every semester the University of Tilburg welcomes about 500 international students. That is more then 1000 international students every year.  Each semester student association IESN Tilburg is here to show them the first sights of town.

In the winter top-week there are events organised by IESN Tilburg to make the new students familiar with our town. A tour through the city with stormy weather and lots of rain. Most of the internationals where still recovering from their trip and jetlag. But that’s no excuse to not explore the town.

On the moment of arrival Tilburg International invited the new students to the tourist information desk. They could join a lucky draw.

Students from all over the world got a piece of fabric in their hands, to touch our history. The assignment was to write down name, telephone number and nationality on the piece of fabric.

Investigation result in that there are students from over 20 countries studying at the Tilburg University. Everyone of them is a potential customers of the restaurant and retailers in our town. The aim of Tilburg International is to connect them with the local entrepreneurs.

In a lucky draw there is only one winner, check out the video to see which one of the participants won. The winner wins one of our fashionable Tilburg Textile Sweaters, to keep them warm during their study-time in Tilburg.


written by Famke Driessen (editor Tilburg International) 


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