Something you have to feel

I am in Tilburg, being a Tilburger , talking Tilburgs. Translating our dialects and behaviour is impossible, but talking about our culture is something we can do proudly. It is a feeling that we can’t explain.

On the 11th of November (De elfde van de elfde) at 11:11am there will be a ceremony to celebrate the Carnival Season.  It is 40 days before the 21st of December which is the shortest day of the year. It is originally celebrated 40 days before Easter, Carnival used to be the last celebration before spring.

Don’t talk about Carnaval in Kruikenstad. Experience Carnaval in Kruikenstad. Taste the Schrobbelèr and get the vibe of dancing Polonaise. See how wonderful the city turns when paraded with green and orange.  This tradition exist for many generations and it is something locals looking forward to the entire year.


When translating words related to the local tradition, the load of the words gets lost.  Understanding our culture is to participate and to learn about it. Many people around Tilburg International can teach and show you about our rich history and traditions.

Feel free to get in touch and book a tour with one of our tour guides. We are more then happy to show you around town.

Important dates to celebrate Carnaval in Kruikenstad
Carnaval 2019 – 2nd until 5th of March
Carnaval 2020 – 22nd until 25th of February
Carnaval 2021 – 13th until 16th of February
Carnaval 2022 – 26th of February until the 1rst of March
Carnaval 2023 –  18th until 23rd of February
Carnaval 2024 – 10th until 13th of February

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