The world is changing. Globalisation has influence on our daily life.  That goes along with new concepts.  It’s the adventure we’re looking for. The products that you find in our webshop are for those people who dare to make a movement.

“Our mission is to bring about eco-friendly fashion items. We carefully produce and use products with a long life time.” Tilburg Textile International.

The products are telling you a story. It gives you something to connect with.  Our aim is to reach out for a higher purpose. We produce slow-fashion and create products you feel associated with.

Get connected. Wearing our clothes represents a lifestyle that creates and inspires. Together we make the world a better place. 


    Annie Kakaziani editor 

   Stella Barenholz editor / Tilbrug University

 Famke Driessen editor

 Kwanza Musi Dos Santo social influencer