Komt tijd komt raad.

Na een periode van radio stilte is het misschien wel eens tijd voor een little come-back van Tilburg International. Gewoon weer zoals we dat gewend zijn. Dat wil zeggen lekker tegendraads, experimenteel maar ook daadkrachtig.

Er was heel even een kleine periode met twijfels. Is het wel mogelijk om een Tilburgs bedrijf te runnen vanaf Terschelling.

Door de verhuizing van Tilburg naar Terschelling is er een periode geweest dat de werkzaamheden rondom Tilburg International hebben stil gelegen. Dit bracht de onderneming weer dichterbij zijn doel

Realisatie : Het leven komt zoals het komt. Soms zitten er hier en daar wat hobbels op de weg maar dan moet je er voor zorgen daarmee om te leren gaan, zonder dat je elke keer weer die zelfde teen aan die zelfde steen blijft stoten.  Het verfrissende idee kwam om de steen eens langs de weg neer te leggen. Om zo de weg weer vrij te maken.

Dan is het tijd om alles een plekje te geven en dan komt er weer genoeg ruimte voor iets nieuws.  Deze ruimte geeft mogelijkheden om dus weer nieuwe wegen te bewandelen.

MS Friesland – Haven Terschelling

Hoogste tijd om de draad weer op te pakken. Verder gaan waar we gebleven waren?  Of juist verder gaan en met iets nieuws beginnen?  . . . . . .

Inmiddels het Tilburg International er een zuster onderneming bij, namelijk : FAM Lifestyle

Meer informatie kun je vinden op www.famlifestyle.com

Alaaf! ūüíö

Something you have to feel

I am in Tilburg, being a Tilburger , talking Tilburgs. Translating our dialects and behaviour is impossible, but talking about our culture is something we can do proudly. It is a feeling that we can’t explain.

On the 11th of November (De elfde van de elfde) at 11:11am there will be a ceremony to celebrate the Carnival Season.  It is 40 days before the 21st of December which is the shortest day of the year. It is originally celebrated 40 days before Easter, Carnival used to be the last celebration before spring.

Don’t talk about Carnaval in Kruikenstad. Experience Carnaval in Kruikenstad. Taste the Schrobbel√®r and get the vibe of dancing Polonaise. See how wonderful the city turns when paraded with green and orange.¬† This tradition exist for many generations and it is something locals looking forward to the entire year.


When translating words related to the local tradition, the load of the words gets lost.  Understanding our culture is to participate and to learn about it. Many people around Tilburg International can teach and show you about our rich history and traditions.

Feel free to get in touch and book a tour with one of our tour guides. We are more then happy to show you around town.

Important dates to celebrate Carnaval in Kruikenstad
Carnaval 2019 – 2nd until 5th of March
Carnaval 2020 – 22nd until 25th of February
Carnaval 2021 – 13th until 16th of February
Carnaval 2022 – 26th of February until the 1rst of March
Carnaval 2023 –¬† 18th until 23rd of February
Carnaval 2024 – 10th until 13th of February

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From Tilburg to Antwerp

Take the train at Tilburg Central Station.  Get your tickets : NS International  Antwerp is also reachable by car, it takes one hour to get in the city heart of Antwerp.

“Les petit Paris.” is good for shopping. Have a taste of the Belgium Chocolates. Get yourself new garments for the new season. There is plentiful choice, both casual and chique clothing.¬†Doing business or leisure, you will find your way in Antwerp.

Stay up to date about the latest trends, know what is going on in Antwerp and bring your inspiration back home.

Mary – handmade chocolatier since 1919

Jewellery lovers can indulge themselves in the capital of the diamonds. In the 15th century a new technique of a diamond polishing was introduced by Lodewyk van Berken  After that the diamond trade in Antwerp started to grow.

Lots of trendy places are situated at the “Vogelmarkt “. Plenty of fashionable lunchrooms that offer healthy food. Homemade sourdough, cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon and seaweed.

Pink Remedy | infusion with hibiscus, ginger, lemon, mint & agave
Le Pain Quotidien –¬†Steenhouwersvest 48, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgi√ę

Upcoming concept with sustainable and natural design. Home on Earth is a franchise company based in Barcelona, Berlin and Antwerp with the focus on quality and elegance.

Coffeeshop – De Sleutel –¬†Sleutelstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is relaxing for a day or two. Stroll around and get inspired by the people and the urban sight of the city. There is a mix of building structures. Find authentic Belgium constructions with a clear`influence of South-European architecture.

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‘Social Innovation Symposium’ at Tilburg University

Tilburg University  РAt the Social Academy in Tilburg students are working on innovative projects to make the world a better place.


Project Group РThe objective is to create an innovative concept that contributes to society.  It helps to have a closer  look into different subject. There was a group of students that worked on a project and they found a place where there was a need for innovation. All of them had their own influence that results in an final creation.

Duvelhok – Thee was a brainstorm session in a creative environment. Talk over lunch about innovation and how to implement it in society. ¬†Getting inspired by the Social Salon and Social Sofa’s.

Social Puzzle is an example tool to entertain people.

Creating pictures that stimulates senses. The object gives people the possibility to memorise old living environment. It is something to hold on and to look back at.¬†Then a new concept was there: ” Talk-down-the-memory-lane.” This is a memory game that helps elderly people to deal with their lost. ¬†Talking about the memories and draw them down on cards.

It is time to implement research and discoveries into reality.  The project group organises an event to practice the memory game with a group of elderly people living at Zonnehof Tilburg.

A positive reflection results into actual innovation and is presented at the¬†‘ Social Innovation Symposium’ at Tilburg University.

Talk Down Memory Lane
You can find more information about this project online : click here 


Summer celebration in Tilburg

Festival Mundial was celebrating its 31st anniversary this weekend. Happy feet walking around in the urban railway area of Tilburg. Surrounded by  characteristic buildings.

Spoorzone Tilburg
Two days in a row this area transformed into a multicultural hipster centre. Various music from all over the world, creative entrepreneurs selling their handmade goods and an uncountable supply of food. (DELICIOUS FOOD! > Traditional Food from Japan )


Hip-hop at the Dome
One of the Dutch headliners was Kraantje Pappie A.k.a. Crane performed at The Dome. With his fresh released song : ” Liefde in de Lucht” he shows us his global potential, that added great value to this festival. #supportyourlocals

Festival Organisation
Professionals and volunteers are working together to keep the area save and clean. Recycle bins to separate waste.  Workers that are non-stop removing plastic from the festival floor. An area where you can get rid of stress and write down compliments for you and your people. #cleanfestival



Start of Summer
There is no better way to start summer. Relaxing, dancing and drinking local beers with friends and strangers. This returning annually ritual should be the start of an ongoing home for music stages and food trucks all summer long at the SP013 in Tilburg.

Home-town reggae band >  The Rising Sons

Getting thirsty
Refresh yourself and drink the Brabant Water, local purifications is done just outside town. This is water, this is the most essential and powerful thing we have. Primary life need with a little tough of Lemon and Mojito.

Good vibes only
Nothing can compare with the feeling of living freely in an international laid-back environment, where everyone of us contributes to make the most of it. This is Festival Mundial!

Soepel  by Desparados РFestival Mundial 2018 @Tim Frenken DJ

crew > Tilburg.com & TilburgInternational.comFestival Mundial 2018

THANKS¬†to everybody that made this weekend an unforgettable happening. We hope to see y’all¬†29th and 30th of June 2019 ¬†@ Festival Mundial Tilburg.

Click here for more information about : Festival Mundial


Kingsday 27th of APRIL – Royal King in Tilburg


Retail & Hospitality in Tilburg


Kingdom Skateshop Tilburg


Memorial King Willem II

 Festival Tilburg Zingt
26 April  2018


Car park ,  city centre Tilburg

Koning Willem II - Statue Heuvelplein, main square Tilburg City 

King Willem II – Heuvel plein
main square Tilburg city centre.

Supporter Football Club –  Willem II 


 Koningsvoorde – De Wever
Elderly Care Centre


Koning Willem II College
First h
igh school in North Brabant

Lifestyle products inspired by a king.
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Lucky draw for International Students

Every semester the University of Tilburg welcomes about 500 international students. That is more then 1000 international students every year.  Each semester student association IESN Tilburg is here to show them the first sights of town.

In the winter top-week there are events organised by IESN Tilburg to make the new students familiar with our town. A tour through the city with stormy weather and lots of rain. Most of the internationals where still recovering from their trip and jetlag. But that’s no excuse to not explore the town.

On the moment of arrival Tilburg International invited the new students to the tourist information desk. They could join a lucky draw.

Students from all over the world got a piece of fabric in their hands, to touch our history. The assignment was to write down name, telephone number and nationality on the piece of fabric.

Investigation result in that there are students from over 20 countries studying at the Tilburg University. Everyone of them is a potential customers of the restaurant and retailers in our town. The aim of Tilburg International is to connect them with the local entrepreneurs.

In a lucky draw there is only one winner, check out the video to see which one of the participants won. The winner wins one of our fashionable Tilburg Textile Sweaters, to keep them warm during their study-time in Tilburg.


written by Famke Driessen (editor Tilburg International) 


Everything is one and One is everything (‚ÄúSmeltkroezen‚ÄĚ)



I had the pleasure to be invited in a cultural event named ‚ÄúSmeltkroezen‚ÄĚ in December. ¬†The “Smeltkroezen” event took place in four different performances that fall in the art fields of art, dance, and circus performance and theater installation at a literally hidden (treasure) place named Juttheater. The Juttheater is special from many perspectives!


Bouwjaar ’84

First, the Juttheater was built by used and received materials, it is a self-built theater¬†Bouwjaar ’84. The Juttheater has a rocket stove and underfloor heating. Entering the Juttheater, I immediately saw the smart and unique constructions in terms of materials, practicality, simplicity, and imagination!! The naturalistic view and atmosphere of the Juttheater made me feel very comfortable and warm!


The symbolism of ‚ÄúSmeltkroezen‚ÄĚ

Second, The Juttheater Bouwjaar ’84¬† is rented to external parties for absurd, surreal, and live theater, dance, music, and video performances as well as for rehearsals, yoga, dance and lectures. The ultimate concept of the cultural events that take place in Juttheater resides in the word of ‚ÄúSmeltkroezen‚ÄĚ. As I got informed by the coordinators of the event the symbolism of ‚ÄúSmeltkroezen‚ÄĚ word is in essence the ultimate part of the cultural event which¬† is actually an all-encompassing performance that combines (melts) all the focal elements of all the performances that took place on that evening at Juttheater. The way i perceive the Smeltkroezen concept/ idea, it is related to the theory of everything that fully links together all the physical aspects of the universe. Metaphorically speaking, “Smeltkroezen” could be a holistic idea which symbolizes that “Everything is one and One is everything”¬† and makes me contemplate on how myself as a unit constitutes at the same time a whole of physical and social elements and the exact opposite.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and indoor

The Smeltkroezen of 15th of December 

The¬†spectacular ¬†performances that took place on the evening of 15th of December derived from the art areas of art performance¬†Bouwjaar ’84, dance LucyONES ,¬†circus Camille Paycha and¬†theatrical installation¬†Bram van Helden. These performances explored concepts such as, social framework, cosmos, genesis, and death (Bouwjaar ’84),¬† people’s¬† social behavior, and their subcutaneous feelings ( LucyONES), the value of memories (Camille Paycha) and the role of objects in our society that surround us (Bram van Helden).

For more information regarding the Juttheater¬† Bouwjaar ’84¬† you can visit the following pages:¬†¬†http://www.bouwjaar84.nl/juttheater https://www.facebook.com/bouwjaar84/


Annie Kakaziannie
Publisher at Tilburg International
Philosophy & Psychology
Nationality:  Greek
Lives in Tilburg

Praise to Tilburg’s culture

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and indoor

Is it possible music, dance and theatrical performances to get hosted in a living room? Yes, it is! I had the pleasure to attend a music concert given by The R-Rated Trio orchestral band in a lightful living room last Sunday! This living room is not an ordinary one, as it constitutes a stage that is offered to artists to perform and attract the attention of an audience that has the criteria to appreciate them. For more than 5 years, this living room has hosted a significant number of artists that derive from the art of music, dance and theater. Listening to the story of this house by the owner and the founder of Podium 111 Elisabeth Millenaar, I realized how external circumstances in this case financial crisis lead certain people who appreciate the value of art and its impact on the local culture of Tilburg, to take the initiative to provide local artists with a stage to perform.

Driving force
According to Elisabeth Millenaar, the driving force that led her to the foundation of Podium it was her will to stimulate the culture of Tilburg, as local artists were mainly impacted by the financial crisis, limiting significantly their opportunities to perform. Elisabeth Millenaar does not offer another common stage, rather a stage to professional artists that have a special program to show. Therefore, she has set a ticket  price of ten euro for each performance, to support financially professional artists to keep contributing with their special art to the culture of Tilburg. This house does only work as Podium for the local artists, but also it offers an accommodation to artists who temporarily work in our city.

Cup of tea and stroopwafels
Elisabeth Millenaar’s goal is not the advertisement or the development of her foundation, but to keep providing qualitative performances to an audience that has special criteria and taste. Therefore, each time she tries to keep a standard number of guests, in order to be able to maintain the high quality of the performances. Entering the Podium 111, I immediately felt this special and elegant artistic atmosphere. She welcomed me to her house as a visitor offering me a cup of tea and stroopwafels, making me feel the Podium as my house. Her hospitality also contributed to experience the performance in a unique way, like hosting a music performance at my house. Podium 111 is more than a stage for performing, it is an idea that keeps the culture of Tilburg alive!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting, table, indoor and food

Lastly, the special  music concert of The R-Rated Trio band with strong influences from  American folk music, jazz, and spirituals made me dream and contemplate the essential role of music in my live. A trio for Saxophone, Violin, and Piano fed my music soul on that day! Thank you for that!

For more information regarding the Podium 111 you can visit the following page:  https://www.facebook.com/podium111/

Annie Kakaziannie
Publisher at Tilburg International
Philosophy & Psychology
Nationality:  Greek
Lives in Tilburg

Relief after the exams

It’s Thursday afternoon. The chairs in the sports hall become empty and our students brains become full of joy, because we survived another exam period! Even after a year you keep wondering what surprises you might find during these days, about your incredible last-minute learning abilities, or amazing guessing skills to get that grade up.

At the end of the day we realized it was alright. It actually always is alright, because exams really aren’t that dramatic. It does make you wonder why you wanted to test you strength under extreme stress conditions the night before. I do always enjoy it in some kind of way, because I can conclude that another part of the year is over.

After a week of hard work, I mostly just go home and do nothing all day. Just to clear my head. This time, it was different. A few weeks before the exams, my friends and I decided to do something fun. I met with my friends after the exam and we had dinner together, celebrating that we attended and made the exam ‚Äď I would love to say we passed it, but we didn‚Äôt know until the day of the exam of course. During dinner we talked about everything, like students do. We talked about our lives, about fun things, about serious things that kept our minds active at night, about families and friendships.

Because we are students, we chose a very fun and cozy place to eat; Vapiano. I’ve eaten there a couple of times now and the food stays amazing, with kind employees. After dinner, we went to a small party, which was located at the Boekanier. This café is mostly visited by psychology-students like myself. Although I love to make fun an go out with friends, this doesn’t happen very often.

It turned out to be an amazing decision. The music was good, we could feel the vibe of ‚Äėno more exams for two months‚Äô, celebrating it with a lot of other happy students. When you are talking with them, you can feel, hear and see the relief.

What strikes me is that we students need something on our mind. If it aren‚Äôt exams, boring lectures, or other things, it is something we‚Äôve planned. For example, going to a party ‚Äď meeting with (new) friends, people you do recognize but really don‚Äôt know their name, people who buy drinks for everyone that you‚Äôve actually never seen. We as people need something to fill our minds with, even if we think we don‚Äôt want to.

On my way back I cycled through the empty streets of Tilburg. Not really empty, there were some students who were definitely enjoying life. Without the music and people surrounding me, I realized it was so quiet on that moment. I stopped to take a picture of the beautiful decorations that were placed, and were shining on the streets and pavements.

I also concluded that I was ‚Äď and still am ‚Äď a very happy person. Being a student and experiencing the opportunities that I have is amazing.