Social Society

Our products are created to connect people. Living a sociable lifestyle in good circumstances. We represent an outgoing look that is inspired by Tilburg.  This company shows the local heritage and has a bright vision to a prospective future.



Everything starts with yourself. The way you appear is how you have influence on people. In the opinion of the creators at Tilburg International everyone can have a positive influence on those around them.

” Positive Quotes ” 

  • TILBURG I LOVE YOU  >  you are in love with everything around you. You are happy with your situation and satisfied with all your circumstances.
  • TAKE ME TO TILBURG CITY > you want to travel, visiting places and look for adventures. Take your suite case and live your life in travel modus.
  • I LOVE YOU FROM HERE TO TILBURG CITY > you are loving someone intensely. You want to share and show your love with everyone

Inspired by a King

  • ROEM & GLORIE  > everything is possible in this world. Be your own hero. Feel your pride to work for the this you’re standing for.
  • WHEN THE KINGS GO MARCHING IN > when walk into a room, feel confidence. Breath the power that is living in you.
  • ROYAL PHOTO > Dare to be who you are. In every other picture you may look a little different but in your heart you are the same.


We are working on a program, the Tilburg Social Club, so you benefit from different offers in town.