Textile & Lifestyle

Textile is one of the aspect that represents the city’s history.  Our team is finding a way to connect you with this feeling by offering lifestyle products created by the finest designers.

We put our collection together with great care.  It must fit your lifestyle and meet your needs at any time.

Our aim is to have all our products locally produced, working together with local entrepreneurs to realise the best product. One of our main goals is to minimize the evironmental impact.

Lifestyle Products : 

  • Summer Sweaters
  • Sweaters Plus
  • Stylish T-shirts
  • Hang-out Hoodie

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All items are available on personal demand. If you do not see your item in the webshop please click here to fill in the contact form.

Stanley & Stella - Brandstore Antwerp
Textile and confection industry in Tilburg


Fairwear Foundation :

All our product are produced following the Fairwear Foundation standards.
We support a better work environment for people that work in fashion.