CITY RING TOUR – Here we describe 20 sights you see in Tilburg City Centre. This is the CityRing and is originally constructed for the traffic flow in the City Centre. It forms a round circle around the centre of the town.

  1. Business Centre – insurance company’s, banks , law firms etc.
  2. Statue King Willem II and 4 women
  3. Holy Heart – Jezus Christ
  4. Church – Heuvelse Kerk
  5. Club Area – Korte Heuvel
  6. Rainbow Crossing Road – to show equal respect to everyone
  7. Kruikenzeiker Traffic Light
  8. Red Mail Boxes – direct contact with town hall
  9. City Hall of Tilburg – Old Palace , finished in 1849
  10. Memorial Needle – King Willem II
  11. Theater Promenade : De Schouwburg & Hogeschool voor de kunst
  12. “Gallery of Statues” – 20 holy people to protect the cemetery
  13. Odulphus Lyceum – secondary school
  14. Residential buildings; Stadsheer, Talent Square, West Point
  15. Cafe Boulevard, this is at the beginning of Tilburg Boulevard
  16. Tilburg National Tourist Office VVV
  17. Museum of Nature
  18. Central Station Tilburg
  19. Brabant Cultural Centre
  20. Student Society OLOF